Bms Family Gather at The 50th Year Dinner

In 1968, our founder Hasan Zontur’s Sabah Iron and Steel Co. Ltd. It has been exactly 50 years since it started its business life in Karabük with the title, and as Bms Group in 2018, we are proud of being an organization for half a century. On this occasion, we organized a night where all of us came together in order to celebrate our 50th anniversary and to thank the valuable employees of the Bms Group family who have contributed to this day.

Our Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. The night started with Ahmet Rauf Mollaoğlu’s thank you and welcome speech, and thank you plaques to our teammates who have been working in the Bms Group Family for 10 and more years, Bms Group Board Members Mr. Mustafa Zontur, Mr. Ali Zontur and Boğaç Profile Board Members Mr. Ramazan Kılıç and Mr. It was presented by Nusret Torun.

It made us very happy to be together on this important night, which reveals once again that our strength and our progress today stems from this unity and solidarity. Congratulations on our 50th anniversary on behalf of our group, and we hope to achieve many years and success together.