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Human Resources Policy

To increase employee productivity by creating a highly motivated, highly committed, qualified workforce, to contribute to the growth and profitability of the company, to ensure cultural development with a fair, participatory approach and transparent communication, development-oriented, revealing the potential, innovative, target-oriented mentality that will help every part of the organization. It aims to develop Human Resources strategies that place it at the highest level and support teamwork and teamwork awareness. With its approach aiming to be a strategic business partner with all units, Human Resources tries to create permanent values ​​for both our employees and our company.

Based on its vision, mission and values, BMS Tel effectively uses all recruitment tools to conclude its human resource search with the most accurate and competent candidates. A job adaptation and orientation program is implemented in new recruitments and job changes. By keeping in regular contact with legal authorities, Vocational High Schools, Universities and Non-governmental organizations, it takes part in activities that will include all potential candidates.

BMS Tel implements a performance management system in which high performance is sustainable, successful performance is rewarded, performance open to improvement is supported and performance results are integrated with relevant human resources systems. The performance targets determined annually for our colleagues within the framework of the Basic Performance Criteria are evaluated both numerically and by looking at the strategies chosen to reach the targets. As well as the contribution to the company goals, the compliance of the selected strategies with the company values ​​is also measured. It is aimed to increase success-oriented with regular feedback culture.

In order to prepare our employees for both the future of our company and their own career processes, it is aimed to give great importance to education at every stage and at every level, to create transparent career paths for employees and to ensure effective communication of them. Training planning is made with internal and external training organizations. General occupational health and safety trainings are organized at regular intervals, with a meticulous emphasis on Occupational Health and Safety practices.

From the recruitment process, our colleagues benefit from all human resources practices, including education, wages, career and financial opportunities, within the framework of equal opportunity All of our colleagues’ gains arising from laws and internal regulations are protected. When it is necessary to process and/or store some personal data required in parallel with business processes, all laws and regulations, especially the Republic of Turkey Personal Data Protection Law, are complied with.

While conducting all kinds of relations with our colleagues, race, color, age, nationality, gender and belief are not discriminated. Rather, our differences are considered an opportunity for further development. As BMS Tel, it undertakes a social responsibility mission by directly or indirectly supporting various activities, primarily in the fields of education, environment, sports, culture and art.

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